Speedrite is a long-established professional organisation specialising in the de-commissioning, transport, relocation and installation of the full spectrum of plant and machinery for a broad range of industrial sectors.

Managing huge and complex projects that are highly sensitive for a range of clients including Blue Chip companies and MOD contracts means that project management has to be at the highest level.

Imagine relocating complete manufacturing plants from one region to another or one country to another! This can involve numerous thousands of items in various stages of disassembly, relocation and re-installation and therefore need total monitoring control.

In addition, clients also require the peace of mind to have a real-time overview of progress of their relocation project.

As a result of the high level demands of both project overview and the essential need for clients to be kept fully informed, the need for Speedrite management and Speedrite personnel to obtain a real-time overview of the relocation status of both the whole project and the individual items within it, they have recently had developed a sophisticated Online Project Management & Clients Monitoring System.

This is an extremely user-friendly yet detailed and powerful system that enables Speedrite to accept a leading position amongst its competitors as it continually strives to improve and enhance quality assurance and its excellent standards of customer service.

Please ask our team for more details and the outstanding advantages of this online system.

Speedrite News
As the UK’s leading plant and machinery installation and relocation company, we were overdue in raising our internet presence to match the high standards of our business operation and the high calibre of our clients. The new website’s emphasis is definitely on providing a comprehensive portrayal of our broad range of services, but in an extremely user-friendly format where there is instant access to the information you require. Our main services include; International Relocations, UK...Read more