As machinery moving specialists we offer industrial machinery relocations, production line relocations, factory relocations and machinery installations in our role as leading UK plant moves and factory movers.

Our network of offices allows us to offer relocation services throughout the UK.

We can provide relocation packages individually designed to suit each client and their needs no matter what the size of machinery or plant to be moved.

Speedrite have the experience to move individual items of machinery up to full facilities including production lines and associated equipment.

Our professional, reliable, customer focused service means we always aim to provide the best service to our customers with the minimum of disruption to their business.

We offer full UK coverage with our professional experienced staff and provide services tailored to individual clients needs. So please do give us a call for factory movers, regional and local industrial machinery relocations, production line relocations, factory relocations, machinery installations and plant moves.

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Speedrite News
As the UK’s leading plant and machinery installation and relocation company, we were overdue in raising our internet presence to match the high standards of our business operation and the high calibre of our clients. The new website’s emphasis is definitely on providing a comprehensive portrayal of our broad range of services, but in an extremely user-friendly format where there is instant access to the information you require. Our main services include; International Relocations, UK...Read more