Speedrite’s experience extends to site decommissioning, dismantling and asset disposal. Speedrite can take the responsibility and ownership of sites requiring full or part decommissioning. With our experience of managing sites as Principal Contractor under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM), we will manage internal plant and process dismantling, structural and building decommissioning and site clearance including the licensed removal and disposal of hazardous waste.

Previous examples include the decommissioning of the cartridge case facility at Bae Systems Land Systems, Birtley, Boddingtons Brewery in the centre of Manchester for InBev and a paper mill for UPM Kymmene PLC (Shotton Paper Mill), Deeside.

Our staff are extremely highly experienced in site decommissioning, dismantling and asset disposal. We are fully licensed for waste removal and always undertake the recycling of materials wherever possible.

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