Sometimes the nature of the lift or site conditions call for specialised lifting solutions and bespoke lifting solutions.

Our experienced engineers plan, manage and carry out specialised and unique lifting operations.

Speedrite provides a diverse range of lifting solutions for clients, from the dismantling and laying over of hydraulic presses using a 400t hydraulic lifting gantry; the lifting of a 38-ton press brake straight from transport to final position, using a 60-ton Tri-Lifter mobile hydraulic lift system to a specially designed and tested structure for lifting a statue of Jesus Christ within the church of St. Michael and All Angels.

  • Trained Crane Appointed Person
  • Trained Lift Supervisors
  • Trained Slinger/Banksman
  • Contract Lifts
  • Heavy Lift Capabilities

Summary of Our Specialised Lifting Solutions & Bespoke Lifting Services: crane appointed person - contract lifts - project management (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 - lift supervisor - crane hire - abnormal loads - slinging - slinger - banksman - versalift - heavy lift specialists - heavy machinery moves - heavy machinery installers - lift plans - hydraulic press installation

Speedrite News
As the UK’s leading plant and machinery installation and relocation company, we were overdue in raising our internet presence to match the high standards of our business operation and the high calibre of our clients. The new website’s emphasis is definitely on providing a comprehensive portrayal of our broad range of services, but in an extremely user-friendly format where there is instant access to the information you require. Our main services include; International Relocations, UK...Read more